About BiHterm

BiHterm is a multilingual terminology database created as a result of collecting and processing of terminology within the framework of the process of translation of EU legal acts into official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Since defining of reliable expert terminology and ensuring its consistent use are two main principles for achieving quality of translation process, the idea was to compile at one place all terminology collected from various fields and in such a way as to facilitate the work to all those who in any way participate in the process of translation and transposition of EU legislation.

Terminology database was initiated by development of English–Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian Dictionary of European Integration Terms, and has been continuously updated with terminology taken from EU legal acts and other EU related documents. Collected terms originate from various fields and carry a different level of reliability, depending of what stages of revision they had gone through (linguistic/expert/legal revision).

BiHterm adheres to the principle of concept, which in practice means that one entry/term can relate to two, sometimes to several more concepts. Majority of terms is given in English language along with an appropriate equivalent in the official languages of BiH, whereas some terms are presented in other EU languages too apart from English language.

A BiHterm entry can contain some of the following data:

Creation Date date that the term was entered in the database
Change Date date of the last update
Context example of using the term in context
Definition definition of the term
DefRef source of definition
Note additional data and comments
NoteRef source of additional data and comments
Oblast subject field
Project project in which the terms were translated or checked
Regional Note local and regional differences in the term usage
Reliability reliability of translation: on a scale from 1 to 4:
1 – a term that has not been revised;
2 – a term that has gone through linguistic revision;
3 – a term that has gone through linguistic and expert revision;
4 – a term that has gone through linguistic, expert and legal revision)
See also other sources of information about the term
Subject subject field characteristic for the particular term (in English)
TargetRef reference in the target language
TermRef document from which the term was taken from
TermSource institution that recommended a translation
UsageLabel status of the term (acceptable, colloquial, often used, jargon, less acceptable, not recommended, obsolete, official etc.)

BiHterm is a database that shall be updated with new terms in the course of time, whereas already existing terms shall be improved as the process of translation of EU legal acts is progressing. With that in mind, all your comments, opinions or other specialized contributions to BiHterm are welcome. These can be addressed to the Methodology and Terminology Department of the Directorate for European Integration of BiH (to Ms while other questions related to the functioning of the program itself can be sent to its creator Mr